V/a - Pantalgia-An International Death Metal Compilation
V/a - Pantalgia-An International Death Metal Compilation / Rarities / LP
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(12-inch LP) HANDNUMBERED 6/10 TEST PRESSING-One of the coolest death metal compilations of all time, this LP compilation contains the best the underground scene had to offer around 1990-1992. Sweden is well represented through Therion (their sinister death metal days), Pan-Thy-Monium (Edge Of Sanity side project), Crematory (the Swedish deathgodz) and God Macabre. Hydr Hydr, early Dutch death pioneers and UK's Malediction represent the rest of the European death metal elite and doomdeathsters Disembowelment from Australia, Cenotaph from Mexico, Rottrevore from the U.S. and Norway's original death metal incarnation Cadaver make it up for one helluva classic compilation. Released by M.B.R. Records. Since this is a test pressing (only 10 copies made!!) it comes without cover.



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