White Lion - Rockin The USA
White Lion - Rockin The USA / Tramp / CD
Udgivelsesdato: 01-08-2009
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Information om produktet:
White Lion 2-CD from 2005. Tramp proves to be in fine voice all these years later. All of White Lion's best-known tracks are included here, including the melodic pop/rockers Wait and Little Fighter as well as the tear-jerking ballad When the Children Cry (which is reworked here as a full-band version) and an extended jam cover of Golden Earring's Radar Love. With the original White Lion never managing to issue a live album during their brief existence, Rocking the USA appears to be the closest longtime fans will get to hearing all these '80s-era hair metal favorites performed live. Tracklist: CD-1: Lights and Thunder, Hungry, Lonely Nights, Love Don't Come Easy, Broken Heart, Fight to Survive, Cry for Freedom, You're All I Need, Little Fighter - 5:25. CD-2: It's Over, Living On The Edge, Tell Me, Wait, Lady of The Valley, When The Children Cry, Radar Love.


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