Brutality - Ruins Of Humans (7 Inch)
Brutality - Ruins Of Humans (7 Inch) / Mighty Music (new) / LP / Single
Udgivelsesdato: 13-04-2015
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Information om produktet:
BRUTALITY - The name says it all! For years death metal fans all across the globe prayed to the gods of doom and destruction for the return of Florida's BRUTALITY. With 3 major major label releases and numerous compilations and EP's under their belt, many thought BRUTALITY was done forever. Well, now metal fans all over the world can rejoice because BRUTALITY is back and ferocious than ever. 'Ruins Of Humans' is a new 2 song EP to hopefully sate the appetites of voracious metal fans. The title track 'Ruins Of Humans' is a tale of selfishness and greed brought to life by the guttural and intense vocal delivery of Scott Reigel and Jeff Acres. 'Ruins Of Humans' also finds the guitar duo Don Gates and Jay Fernandez up to their necks in soaring melodic leads and brutal rhythms. Fans of true death metal can't go wrong with this small taste of BRUTALITY's upcoming reign of terror. STRICTLY LIMITED TO 500 EX.!



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