Mike Tramp - Nomad
Mike Tramp - Nomad / Target Records / CD
Udgivelsesdato: 28-08-2015
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Information om produktet:
For almost a half decade, Mike Tramp has been on a worldwide journey, touring and living as a modern life nomad, in his quest for personal and artistic freedom and staying true to the idea of the rock n roll troubadour. Mike has just completed his third solo tour of the USA in 3 years. Playing 50 shows on each tour, traveling all be himself exploring the American continent from coast to coast like never before. A journey of true dedication -making him unique in danish rock history. With 'Nomad' Tramp completes what he calls his trilogy on his journey to show who he is and where he stands. The album makes the final step on the ladder he started climbing (with Cobblestone street), this time with a full band album, from first to last song.



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