Ruinside - The Hunt
Ruinside - The Hunt / Mighty Music (new) / CD
Udgivelsesdato: 29-10-2012
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RUINSIDE is a group of thrash metal troopers from Tampere, Finland formed in 2005. After stabilizing in its current cast-in-iron form with the introduction of vocalist Toni Salminen (ex-Farmakon), in November 2010, the band's line-up was complete. The album centralizes around themes like manhunt and persecution which combining themselves to a story of a witch-hunt. But this story has another side. The meaning will reveal itself when the lyrics are considered from another point of view: as an individual human being who is hunted down brutally for the reason that he/she doesn't know even him/herself. As with 'The Hunt', which ponders on witchcraft and its impact on people, RUINSIDE’s music draws its inspiration from that spite, ignorance and cruelty mankind continually shows.The album is recorded in MSTR-studios and mixing and mastering is done by Jussi Kulomaa (Masterstroke). Besides the band, a long string of session musicians has been attached to the project featuring classical instruments like contrabass, cello, and violin, but also synths and keyboards and a lot of different vocalists. A collaboration with Erkki Seppänen and Seppo Kolehmainen from the Finnish power metal band Dreamtale can also be heard on 'The Hunt'.



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