Psy:code - Cause and Neglect
Psy:code - Cause and Neglect / Mighty Music (new) / CD
Udgivelsesdato: 10-06-2013
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Information om produktet:
The Danish metal band PSY:CODE is driven by unity and a constant search for boundaries and unknown states of mind. With a touch of all the best that modern metal has to offer, the mission is to hit the listener with a precise musical fist to the face! PSY:CODE is proud to present their second opus 'Cause and Neglect'. The album was pre-recorded in PSY:CODEs headquarters - an old wartime bunker a little outside of Copenhagen. Drum tracking was done in Hansen studios and as on the debut album 'Delusion', the process of mixing and mastering was put in the trusted hands of Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Raunchy, Mercenary etc.) and as always the result is a high class audio injection.



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