No Man Eyes - Hollow Man
No Man Eyes - Hollow Man / Mighty Music (new) / CD
Udgivelsesdato: 10-06-2013
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Information om produktet:
NO MAN EYES was founded in Genova in 2011 Eleven songs were recorded with an attitude pretty much distant from power metal. Even though the melodic content is still prominent thanks to Fabio's super clean and mid/high pitched vocals, the work of the rhythmic section is heavy and pounding. Guitars often exhibit a 'Nevermorish' flavor, still retaining a classic metal mood partially hidden under the heaviness of Spane’s 7 string guitars. Alessandro’s bass guitar bounces from pounding notes to neoclassic inserts, while Michele’s drums are fast and sharp, played with an attitude that resemble the complexity of death metal in the fastest tracks.



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