Neckbreak Nation - Stroke Of The Devil's Hour
Neckbreak Nation - Stroke Of The Devil's Hour / Mighty Music (new) / CD
Udgivelsesdato: 07-04-2013
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Information om produktet:
Dutch metal-talents NECKBREAK NATION with a knack for technique and melody are back with a new line-up to release their highly anticipated debut assault Stroke of the Devil’s Hour. With the release of their 2011 EP 'Warchitects' and appearances all over Benelux, the young, Dutch thrashers Neckbreak Nation quickly rose to prominence in their region. This caught the attention of Dutch-based booking agency TMR Music Promotions (Hail of Bullets, Pestilence, Sinister), who soon signed with the band. Neckbreak Nation has with Stroke of the Devil’s Hour created an album that hits as a blunt force. The band has concocted a lethal brew of groove-ridden, melody-based and highly technical modern thrash that leaves the listener in want for more.



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